Save Our Bees Campaign

There has been much publicity in recent years about the decline of our bee population. Bees not only produce honey, they pollinate many of the plants and vegetation that we all consume. Bees are so important for the pollination of crops that Einstein once calculated mankind could only survive 4 years without bees. Some scientists estimate that as many as 40 to 50% of bees have disappeared or died since 2007 alone.

Dunscar’s gardening customers are in a great position to help the local bee populations and thus in the Spring of 2009 we started our “Save Our Bees Campaign”. Activities have included talks from local beekeepers, advice on our website on plants offering food to bees and a special grouping of some of these plants on our plantarea. Our director, Shaun, and Cook Shop Supervisor, Simon Holden, have even attended a beekeeping course with a view to setting up hives on the garden centre.  More information on bee keeping can be found on our website or at