Plants for Bees

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These are not just any garden flowers – these are a feast for the senses, a delight to the eye and a banquet for a bee!!
Entertainment provided by Fuchsia – the dancing ballerinas!

Appetisers (providing Pollen and Nectar in Feb/March/April)

Aubrieta – low-growing, purple cascading
Berberis – spiny hedging with orange/red berries
Bluebell – the English form, fond of dappled shade,
Crocus – small upright in purple, white or yellow
Flowering Current (Ribes) – deciduous shrub with bright pink flowers
Heather – (Erica), evergreen low growing, white, pink or purple
Hellebores – single flowered perennial, evergreen leaves
Lungwort (Pulmonaria) – shade-loving perennial, spotted leaves and blue/pink flowers
Pussy willow – (Salix) small tree, with fluffy grey catkins, covered in pollen
Rosemary – evergreen, sun-lover with tubular blue flowers (also in spreading form)

For Small Appetites (providing Nectar and Pollen in May/June)

Aquilegia – easy to grow self-seeding perennial, sun or shade, many colours
Cardoon – large architectural thistle, silver leaves
Ceanothus – (Californian Lilac) range of low to medium shrub, blue
Cotoneaster – range of shrubs with small white flowers
Everlasting pea – perennial scrambler with pink flowers
Hardy geranium – groundcover and rockeries, pink – purple
Foxglove – a bumblebee favourite
Laburnum – medium tree dripping with yellow flowers (seed poisonous to people)
Lupin – spikes of pea-type flowers, perennial, all colours
Monkshood – border perennial tall spikes of blue (skin irritant)
Wallflower – short shrub, sun lover, grey leaves, purple flowers all summer

A selection of fine herbs!

Borage – grey/green foliage blue flowers
Chives – small pink flowers*
Comfrey – evergreen perennial
Hyssop – similar to lavender
Lavender – short bushy, grey leaves, fragrant full sun
Lemon balm – mellisa – fragrant rampant spreader
Mints – let them flower
Salvias- sages, sun lover, silver leaves, blue flowers
Thymes – ground hugger aromatic sun lover pink and purple flowers
Marjoram – clusters of tiny pink flowers

Main Courses (providing main sources of Nectar, and some Pollen in July/August)

Buddlia – an old favourite, pink purple spikes
Delphinium – tall spikes of blue
Echinacea – perennial tall daisy type purple, pink, white and yellow
Escallonia – tough evergreen, likes the coast
Hollyhock – selfseeding short lived perennial loves the sun
Honeysuckle – climber with fragrant tubular flowers yellows and creams
Rose (single) – choose your type colour, fragrance, climber, shrub
Sea holly – architectural, silver/blue leaves and flowers sunny dry areas
Sunflower – tall or small, feeds them all!

Desserts (end of bee season providing late Nectar and Pollen in September/October)

Michaelmas daisy – (aster) perennial purple/pink daisy style open flowers
Golden rod – perennial with clusters of tiny yellow flowers on 6ft stems
Heather – evergreen short shrubby, pink/purple, acid soil please
Ivy – evergreen climber, small flowers but very popular, berries too
Rose of Sharon – low spreading hypericum yellow open flowers
Sedum – easy to grow perennial with big clumps of tiny pink/red flowerheads
Verbena bonariensis – tall willowy perennial flat purple flowerheads
Viburnum – evergreen shrub, clusters of small white flowers followed by berries
Verbascum – hairy grey leaves, tall yellow spikes

Exotic appetite – fancy something a bit WILD!! Only available once a year

Field Poppy
Rosebay willowherb

Old time favourites (perennial wildflowers)
Cowslip, scabious,knapweeds,Scottish harebell, Hemp Agrimony, Lady’s bedstraw, Lady’s Smock, Marsh Woundwort, Meadowsweet, Musk Mallow, Oxeye Daisy, Primrose, Purple Loosestrife, Rock Rose, Selfheal, Snake’s Head Fritillary, St John’s Wort, , Sweet Violet, Dog Violet, Toadflax, Water Mint, Wild Marjoram, Wild Thyme

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All items suitable for Vegetarians
*Also suitable for carnivores