Margaret’s wildlife paintings

Dunscar directors Eric and Margaret Vickers are both keen and gifted wildlife artists, Eric tending to paint birds and Margaret wild flowers.

Margaret was a teacher and taught at Crookings Lane Primary School, Penwortham before taking a break to raise her children and help grow the business. After her children were born she returned to teaching part time at both Mere Brow CE Primary School and All Saints CE Primary School, Hesketh Bank. Although now retired, Margaret is a non-executive director of and shareholder in the garden centre. She still loves contact with children and finds the time to listen to children read a morning a week at a local primary school.

“My interest in nature and wildflowers began when I was a pupil at primary school in the 1930s. We always had a “nature table” in the classroom where we would put anything we had found living or had once lived outdoors, e.g. wildflowers, sea shells, acorns etc. I loved wildflowers and was always looking for varieties I had never seen before. My interest continued when I went to Grammar School where I studied botany and biology.  It was then I began to draw and paint pictures to illustrate my studies.

From Grammar School I went to Teacher Training College. One of my subjects there was “Gardening”. Little did I know then, that one day I would marry a teacher who was a keen gardener and my family would own a Garden Centre. As the years progressed I became more interested in drawing and painting watercolour pictures of flowers. I found it relaxing and have given many framed pictures to my family and friends over the years. My husband Eric paints too, and it is a lovely hobby that we can share together in our retirement.”

Margaret Vickers, Director