Encouraging birds into your garden

If you are looking to attract birds to your garden then why not put up a nesting box? Few gardens have trees old enough to provide nesting sites for hole nesting birds, so a nest box, whilst also providing entertainment as adults build their nest or feed young, provides a much needed urban home.

Place your next box on a site facing away from direct sunlight and the direction of prevailing wind and rain, and preferably not too close to a feeding table. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on what birds you get in your garden. At Dunscar you will find a wide selection and advice on the most appropriate selection.

However, birds will also flock to your garden if you provide them a sustainable source of food. We suggest a range of plants on which birds can feed elsewhere.  Rather than burn fallen and dead wood or carting it to the tip, we suggest you keep it as an ideal habitat for some species of wildlife. If you pile it in a shady place to prevent the wood drying out, the log pile provides a safe, moist habitat for insects, spiders and beetles that is often lacking in managed woodlands and gardens.

Log piles become more useful as they grow older and more decayed. As the wood begins to rot, funghi and lichen will quickly colonise the pile, and beetles and insects will start to bore into the wood, offering food not just for the birds but also for frogs, toads and even hedgehogs or grass snakes as well as re-introducing nutrients into the soil until the pile has gone.

Remember too that even in the Spring and Summer birds need feeding, as this is the time for rearing the young. It will also encourage birds to nest in your garden. Additionally put out a little water for bathing and drinking in the garden.