Dunscar the Snowy Owl

In 2009, following the success of our Wildlife Fun Week and the visit by Barn Owl Bill and his owls, we decided to sponsor an owl to support Barn Owl Bill’s rescue and sanctuary work. Dunscar is a snowy owl (like Hedwig in Harry Potter) and was then just 16 weeks old. His sister’s mate had recently died and she had been depressed ever since.

With our support, Bill was able to bring Dunscar from Staffordshire (where he and his sister were bred) as company for his sibling. We strongly support Bill’s efforts not just to rescue owls in distress but also his educational talks and demonstrations to children. We firmly believe in developing children’s natural nurturing instinct and directing it towards wildlife or gardening.

Dunscar the Owl when 16 weeks old with Hilary and now