As keen naturalists themselves the Vickers family are keen to promote wildlife in the garden. Here at Dunscar we have been planting hedges, trees and shrubs throughout our business history and transformed an empty field into a haven for wildlife.

Over 80 species of bird have been sighted here, including firecrests and a kingfisher on our irrigation pit. We have also seen here newts (crested and smooth), stoats, hedgehogs, hares, shrews and even water voles.  With the increasing urbanisation of the countryside and intensification of farming, much of our wildlife is becoming increasingly dependent on private gardens. Trees and shrubs not only provide safe perches for roosting and nesting but also food in the form of insects, berries and seeds. We thus stock a wide range of products to encourage wildlife into your garden such as hedgehog boxes, bird tables and an extensive range of bird care products. This range includes specialist foods to attract particular species of birds such as woodpeckers and gold finches.

You will also find groupings of plants that have been specially selected to attract birds, butterflies and bees in the garden. The Vickers family are keen to pass on their own love of wildlife to future generations and accordingly at Dunscar we try to inspire children to develop an interest in gardening and wildlife. For example we regularly organise wildlife related competitions and activities, and we stock gardening and nature activity products, as well as a wide range of wildlife books, mini gardening tools and gifts for our youngest customers.

Main product areas

  • Bird, squirrel and hedgehog food
  • Specialist bird nesting boxes including for sparrows, woodpeckers and owls
  • Bat, insect and animal nesting boxes
  • Bird baths
  • Bird houses, tables, feeders and feeding stations
  • Squirrel feeders