Trees for birthdays

Trees keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They provide food and shelter for wildlife and come in all shapes and sizes to make a great addition to any garden. Ask our outdoor sales staff for advice on choosing the best tree for a gift or for your garden.

From which tree did you fall?

Whereas most people today base their horoscope on star signs, the ancient Celts based their’s on trees. See from which tree you fell below and visit the tree section of our plant area to see full details of what your “tree sign” is supposed to say about you.

24th December-20th January – Silver Birch Tree
The Birch tree represents renewal and rebirth. Birch people are inspirational, imaginative, calming and do not like anything in excess

21st January-17th February – Rowan Tree
The Rowan tree is the ‘Protective tree and said to ward off evil spirits, particularly good when planted near doors and gates. Rowan people are sensitive, charming, cheerful and live life to the full.

18th February-17th March – Ash Tree
The Ash tree is a sacred tree and is thought to be enchanted. The Ash was often used for making druidic wands and spears. Ash people are ambitious, attractive, impulsive, demanding, talented, reliable and very faithful.

18th-March-14th April – Common Alder Tree
The Alder tree is one of the hardiest and will withstand rot. Wood of the Alder tree was often used to make boats, bridges and even clogs. Alder people are charming, thoughtful and always think things over before acting.

15th April-12th May – Grey Willow Tree
The Willow tree is sacred to the Moon. In Celtic mythology the world was hatched from two eggs that were hidden in the boughs of an Alder tree. Willow people are often beautiful although sometimes quite vain. They have expensive tastes and can be quite materialistic. They are very honest and can sometimes be easily led.

13th May-19th June – Hawthorn Tree
The Hawthorn tree is symbolic of protection, maybe as it’s such a prickly little fellow. Hawthorn trees were often planted around churches, houses and fields as protective shields. Hawthorn people are thought to be peace keepers, although they will often look out for others. They are honest and artistic and very passionate.

10th June-7th July – Oak Tree
The Oak tree is the most sacred tree of all. The Oak tree symbolises truth, knowledge and courage. Oak people are the bravest of all. They are also thought to be ultra independent, courageous, strong, unrelenting and robust.

8th July-4th August – Holly Tree
Holly is thought to repel all enemies and was often hung on doors to protect from evil, poison and even lightning. Holly people are determined, sensitive and protective of those they love, although sometimes a little possessive. They can also be very passionate and sensual.

5th August-1st September – Hazel Tree
The Hazel tree was known as the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and it was thought eating hazelnuts would give inspiration, knowledge and magical skills. Hazel people are extraordinary, charming, popular but sometimes moody. They are an active fighter for a social cause.

2nd September-29th September – Vine
Vine people set themselves very high personal standards. They may appear to be uncaring and somewhat cool but are secretly very romantic.

30th September-27th October – Ivy
Ivy people make great friends and are often very popular. They can be very impulsive and indecisive but are strong willed and thrive on a challenge.

28th October-24th November – Reed
Reed people are often very fearless and enjoy a difficult challenge. They are very strong minded, will rarely make a compromise and have an enormous amount of pride.

25th November-23rd December – Elder Tree
The Elder tree was sacred to the Faeries and Elder branched were often hung over stables to protect horses from evil.