Fruit trees for the small garden

The size of a fruit tree will be governed mainly by the rootstock on which it is grown. Rootstocks may be numbered or named. 

A single variety such as Apple Cox’s Orange Pippin might be available on differing selections of rootstock according to how large you want the tree to grow. Here are a few examples for small gardens or limited space.  In all cases plant in a sunny site with a stake for support and add plenty of compost to the soil.

Apples – Rootstock M27, eg ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin Self Fertile’.  This is suitable for northern climates.

Pears – Rootstock Quince C.  We recommend ‘Concorde’ or ‘Conference’.  Both are self fertile, good croppers and bear sweet, juicy fruit.

Cherries – Rootstock Gisela 5.  We recommend ‘Sunburst’ or ‘Stella’.  Both are self fertile and produce a sweet and juicy crop.

Plums – Rootstock Pixy.  The old favourite ‘Victoria’ is hard to beat for the quality of its fruit.

Damsons – Rootstock Pixy.  Merryweather gives reliable, heavy crops for large fruit suitable for both dessert and culinary uses.