Grow Your Own Medicinal Plants

Last year we were pleased to welcome a new customer, Dr Karen Stevens. Dr Karen holds a PhD in Homeopathic Medicine and runs her own business, Earthsense, supplying homeopathic remedies of her own making to cure serious diseases and general health and skin conditions.

Karen has certainly opened our eyes to the medicinal properties of some of the plants we sell. As she herself says, “I love my visits to Dunscar and am constantly amazed by the wide variety and quality of plants I find there. However, whilst as a keen gardener I appreciate the bright colours, hues and shades of the plants (a tonic in itself), as a medical herbalist I recognise that many of plants on sale can radically affect the quality on one’s life and even save lives. In this world, nothing is there for nothing.

“Take Comfrey for example. The Gypsies call this Knitbone because it does exactly that! Comfrey infusion, poultices, and tincture, with companion Comfrey Oil, and Comfrey massage cream, when applied to a broken bone, will help heal the break or fracture. I can vouch for this as I used Comfrey to heal my broken bones (in both feet) following a motorcycle accident. Comfrey is also a powerful lung and respiratory herb when combined with Coltsfoot and taken in tincture form.”

Goji Berries
“Goji Berries are a newly recognised “superfood”. Goji Berries offer help for those who crave sweet, sugary foods, as they curb the cravings for sweet sugary foods and lower sugar levels in the blood. Hence they are beneficial to Diabetics and those on a weight loss diet.”

Rosemary and Bay Leaf
“Even the supposedly most ordinary of herbs can be turned to wonderful use. Rosemary and Bay leaves are extremely simple to grow and are thus often found in a kitchen garden. Take one ounce of each herb, place in a Pyrex glass jug, add one litre of boiling water, cover and leave to cool and you have a beautifully fragrant, natural antiseptic, to use for cleaning food surfaces or even drinking as a detoxifying agent. Rinse your hair in this and watch it shine, thicken and grow!”

“Madagasgar Periwinkle (Vinca rosea) (Catharanthus rosea) is a beautiful flowering herb. Furthermore, it contains several anti-cancer alkaloids which, when taken in minute doses help to inhibit Cancer. It is not just a pretty flower but a life saver and unfortunately very rare, even at Dunscar!”

Dr Karen Stevens can be contacted through her website We would always recommend seeking professional advice before using plants as medicines.