Lawn care made simple

The lawn is the heart of a great looking garden. As a foil to colourful beds and borders it needs to look thick and green to make a visual statement. Cut regularly, fed and watered occasionally your lawn will provide a versatile, hardwearing area of your garden that will be the envy of visitors.

Cut it regularly
Cut as often as you are able, ideally once a week, but don’t give the grass a close shave. That just weakens the plants and provides light and space for weeds to pop up. During a drought leave the lawn slightly longer so that roots have a chance to strengthen. For a hardwearing lawn cut the grass to around 4cm (11/2”) in spring and reduce this to 3cm (1”) in summer.

Spring into Action
Apply a lawn food in spring for a thicker, greener lawn and you’ll be amazed at the results. It takes about five minutes to treat the average sized lawn of 100m2. One application of ‘EverGreen Complete’ gives fast-acting and long-lasting greener grass whilst controlling a wide range of broad-leaved weeds and any unsightly patches of moss.

Be ready for Summer
By June the lawn will need another feed to strengthen it ready for summer activities. Weeds may have sprung up in the lawn and will be fighting the grass for available moisture, food and space. A further treatment with ‘EverGreen Complete’ will both feed and green the grass for the summer and see off any invasive weeds such as dandelions, daisies and white clover.

If fine leaved weeds such as yellow suckling clover, black medick and lesser trefoil are spreading in your lawn then you will need to apply ‘Verdone Extra’ to these weeds. This special lawn weed killer contains three active ingredients to see off most lawn weeds with just one application a year.

Water Occasionally
If a summer drought threatens, water deeply or not at all. If you just wet the surface you encourage shallow roots that will be more vulnerable to drought.

Spreading Lawn Treatments
“EverGreen Complete” is available in a hand-held spreader, which is quick and easy to use. Simply walk up and down the lawn to apply the granules evenly. People with larger lawns could invest in a Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader for easy and accurate application of granules. It’s adjustable for most lawn treatments and durable for years of easy lawn care.

Autumn Treat
To help your lawn recover from the hard wear of summer and to prepare it for the rigours of winter, apply ‘EverGreen Autumn’ during September or October. This will encourage strong growth of the lawn helping it to thicken and knit together during the cooler autumn months ready to spring into action next spring.