Alexander Rose garden furniture and hardwood Benches

Alexander Rose was formed in 1994 as the UK distributor of hardwood furniture manufactured in its factory in Ghana. It now also produces a very high quality range of resin garden furniture and is one of the few suppliers able to offer a 10 year guarantee on these products.  Although the company has now been bought by a Bolivian firm, the Ghana factory is a major employer in the area and funds a school for the education of the local children. It is committed to sustainable and ethical forestry methods. Its benches are all made from hardwood and we stock the mahogany and teak versions.

Australian Heatbeads

We unreservedly recommend these barbecue briquettes as a premium fuel for charcoal barbecues. They burn at twice the temperature and for twice as long as other charcoal briquettes and are thus not only ideal for roasting, but more economical. No wonder they are Australia’s best selling briquettes.

Coleman and Camping Gaz Picnic Accessories

Coleman is famous in the US for its camping products including stoves, lanterns, tents and shelters. It now owns the former French company Camping Gaz too. Both companies supply us with a range of stoves, folding chairs, cool boxes, portable fridges and picnic accessories.

Dancook Charcoal Barbecues and Firepits

After Australia, Denmark has the highest number of barbecues per head of population and the not the US. The Danes know a thing or two about living outdoors. Dancook is a Danish family company that manufactures a very high quality range of stainless steel barbecues and firepits. The products are still made in Denmark and carry a 15 year guarantee. The kettle barbecues are unique in that they include a bowl inserted in the outer shell of the barbecue. This renders the exterior of the grill cool to touch (an advantage to owners of pets and small children) and, since the air is drawn through the base of the outer shell, it is pre-warmed before passing over the food. The barbecue thus acts like a fan oven and cooks more quickly and uses less fuel. The products are better engineered than most barbecues and, being made of stainless steel, do not rust and look stylish in the garden. Dancook’s range includes a counter frame that allows one to incorporate not just the barbecue bowl but even a sink! They are our favourite barbecues.

Gardeco Cast Iron Chimineas and Accessories

Gardeco is a Shropshire based importer of chimineas, braziers and related accessories from Guatamala. We stock a range of their cast iron chimineas and tools for cooking on chimineas as well as their braziers and barbecues.

Hartman Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture


Joules Picnic Accessories

Founded by Tom Joule in the early 90s, Joules has evolved from colourful polo shirts sold at country fairs to a £65M business. Still based in market Harborough, Leicestershire, Joules range of clothing encompasses everything from its famous, colourful, patterned Wellington boots to fleeces, blouses and even baby clothes and evening dresses. The products are aimed at those who were perhaps born in the country (but not of the county set), are keen on sport and like going into town for lunch or shopping. They are meant to remind their owners of happy days out and weekends and are a favourite of Ben Fogle and his wife. Joules is now expanding it range of lifestyle items to include furniture and picnic accessories.

Kettler Garden Furniture

Kettler is a German group of steel manufacturing companies originally formed in 1949. Its product range includes fitness equipment, play equipment and garden furniture, all of which have earned a reputation for quality, style and durability.

We have been stocking their premium range of Kettler furniture for 8 years on the recommendation of several customers who told us that it has lasted them well over 15 years. We too have been extremely pleased with its style and zero maintenance qualities. Every one of the products is hand forged and treated with one of Kettler’s unique coatings to provide protection against rust. This 3 ply coating provides a barrier up to 10 times thicker than normal powder coating. All items are lightweight, guaranteed against rust for 5 years and can be left outdoors all year round.

The ranges we currently stock include the flagship Sienna fine metal mesh collections and the superb resin weave Banaba sets. None of these sets requires any maintenance, other than the application of the supplied touch up paint to scratches or chips, and can be cleaned using soap and water. Some of the tables are even coated with a “Nanoclean” surface sealing system that is self cleaning and to which bird droppings, fruit juice and tree resin cannot stick. How much more low maintenance can you get than that?

Leisuregrow Garden Furniture and Parasols

Based in Hertfordshire and established in 1999, Leisuregrow supply a comprehensive range of garden furniture, barbecues and garden accessories. We stock some of their resin weave conservatory and garden furniture, as well as their textylene garden furniture and swing seats. Although priced in our budget range of furniture, all products are nevertheless good quality and come with a 3 or 7 year warranty.

Napoleon Gas Barbecues


Quest Leisure


Weber Charcoal Barbecues and Accessories

Weber kettle barbecues were invented in 1952 by George Stephen whilst working at the Weber Brothers Metalworks in Chicago. The father of a large family, he cut a buoy in half, added legs, cut a vent in the top and bottom and used the top half as a lid. Today Weber is a global brand and probably the best know barbecue in the UK. Their charcoal barbecues are still manufactured in Chicago from US carbon free steel. This steel is then coated in a glass-enamel coating at high temperature to provide a scratch-free protection from rust. The absence of carbon in the steel means that when heated it cannot produce CO2 and thus the coating does not blister. All Weber barbecues are guaranteed for between 5 and 25 years. There is a vast array of useful and innovative Weber accessories available to help get the most out of any grill. We particularly recommend the Weber Style Poultry Roaster. We also recommend the Fireplace for very efficient results.