Care of your garden furniture

Aluminium (cast and tubular)

Aluminium does not rust but the steel nuts and bolts holding it together do. We thus recommend protecting these with some oil or grease and perhaps replacing them in due course if heavy corrosion nonetheless occurs. However, in coastal environments the salt in the air can react with aluminium to give it a white, powdery look. This should be brushed or wiped off and the metalwork painted with a matching metal or car paint.


All our Kettler range of furniture items are made from powder coated steel. They are designed to stay outdoors over the winter months and we do not recommend covering them. Should the paint chip or become scratched then there is the risk of the metal underneath becoming exposed to the air and rusting. We thus suggest chips or scratches are treated with touch up paint or clear nail varnish. Clean with a cloth and soapy water.


Granite topped tables should be lifted and not dragged. The bolts connecting the base to the top can be sheared otherwise. Granite has evolved over millions of years and is thus difficult to damage. However, it is possible to melt the polish and, since granite is slightly porous, the polish is then absorbed by the granite to form a ring mark. We thus recommend polishing granite with vegetable oil occasionally to fill the pores of the granite. Should you be unfortunate to cause a ring to be formed, don’t panic as it will weather out in time.

Stainless Steel

Remove small marks and minor dirt with a cloth and warm water. For deeper cleaning, use a green scrub pad with some WD40 or stainless steel cleaner and polish with the grain.

Teak and other hardwoods

Contrary to popular belief, teak and other hardwood furniture is not high maintenance. Wood contains natural oils but as these oils dry out then there is a risk of a narrow piece of wood cracking or splitting. Accordingly, we recommend application of a coat of teak oil once or twice a year to wood exposed to the Sun. First give the wood a light sanding and, when necessary, a clean with soapy water. Use a 2” paint brush or special applicator to apply the oil. Generally it should only be necessary to oil table tops, arms of chairs and chair backs rather than all the furniture and take 30 to 60 minutes in total. However, even with regular oiling, wood will weather to a grey colour. Should you cover your furniture over the Winter then ensure you purchase the correct sized cover to allow sufficient ventilation around the wood. Otherwise you may discover black mould spots in the Spring. Such spots can be removed with Jeyes fluid but the odour will last for a while.


Textylene is quite suitable to leave outside during the rain and Winter. It can be cleaned with a scrubbing brush and soapy water.

Wicker and Weave

True rattan is not suitable to be left outdoors in the rain. However, the modern resin weave is. Clean it with soapy water. Neptune’s wicker and weave furniture is of the highest quality and thus it can be cleaned with a power washer on a wide spray from a distance of one metre. However, do not use a power washer on lesser quality brands.

Wrought Iron

All our wrought iron products are galvanised and powder coated. Should the coating chip or become scratched then there is a risk of the metal underneath the galvanised coating becoming exposed to the air and rusting. We thus recommend chips or scratches are treated with touch up paint or clear nail varnish. Clean with a cloth and soapy water.