Care of your solid oak furniture

As all our furniture is made from solid oak, a natural product, you will find each piece has its own individuality and characteristics. These come in the form of small knots, cracks, dints, minor scratches and grain pattern variations and only serve to demonstrate the character of natural wood.

In order to keep costs down, our furniture is not kiln dried before being shipped. Accordingly, some shrinkage in the wood may occur in centrally heated homes. Please try to avoid placing your furniture too close to radiators or other heat sources.  Similarly, bright lights can cause some changes in the colour of the wood.

Over time, wood dries out naturally and unless checked this can cause movement or the grain to open up and, if no action is taken, splits or bowing. To prevent this, please polish your furniture with beeswax periodically. We recommend this is done on receipt of your furniture and then every 6 to 12 months depending on the temperature and humidity of your home. This is particularly important for pieces with large surface areas such as tables and dressers but less so for chairs and small cabinets.

Should you inadvertently burn your furniture by placing a hot dish on it or deeply scratch it, do not panic. All our furniture has solid oak tops and thus you can remove the ring or scratch with a light sanding and reapplication of beeswax polish. The treated area will then weather to match the rest of the piece of furniture.