We are committed to supporting our local producers and strive to buy as locally as possible.  This not only boosts the local economy, but takes advantage of the excellent quality produce in the region.


Cakes, scones, soups, pies and quiches produced at Dunscar

In order to produce fresh and wholesome food, we produce most of it in-house and rarely buy in ready-made products.  Eddie, the chef, prepares most of the hot dishes, pies, quiches and soups on site, as well as several dressings and chutneys.  Sue, the manager, bakes every day to produce the lovely home-made cakes and scones.


Bread from C H Latham of Southport

Chris Latham started baking for his first premises in Southport at the age of 21. He and his wife now own 4 premises, all based in Southport and employing over 50 staff.

Bread and cakes from The Dutch Bakery of Southport

Established in 1959 by Mr and Mrs Klaassen, the bakery is owned and operated today by their son, Derek and specialises in breads, cakes and savouries.

Milk from Bate’s Dairy of Southport

Having started business in 1939, Bate’s is one of the North West’s oldest privately owned dairies. All their milk is produced on farms in the North West and the company employs 70 staff.

Cheese from Dewlay of Garstang

George Kenyon and his family have been making cheese from their dairy near Garstang since 1957. Their traditional crumbly and creamy Lancashire cheeses regularly win awards and are produced from the milk of dairy herds feeding on the rich pastures of Lancashire.

Cheese from Singleton’s Dairy of Longridge

Grandma Singleton’s cheese is the strongest Lancashire cheese on the market and is named in honour of Duillia Singleton who helped her husband found the dairy in 1934. The dairy is now managed by their grand children Bill and Tilly.

Fish from C & G Neve of Fleetwood

Started by Chris and Gerard Neve selling door to door and to local markets, Neve now employs over 90 people and supplies many of the North West’s top restaurants and caterers. Much of the produce is bought locally and always from sustainable sources.

Meat from H Greaves & Son of Upholland

Harry Greaves established his butcher’s shop in the 1930s.  His son, Anthony, followed him into the business and it is now run by the grandchildren.  Provenance is extremely important to Greaves.  With the exception of lamb, which may be purchased from New Zealand outside the British season, all our meat is produced on farms in Lancashire or Cheshire that Greaves have used for many years.  Occasionally specialist meat, such as salt marsh lamb or rare breed beef, will be purchased from farms in Cumbria.

Vegetables from Mark Ascroft of Holmes, Tarleton

Our immediate local area is one of the UK’s most productive farming regions for vegetables.  Mark, a customer and BBQ enthusiast, tours the local farms on our behalf to buy the freshest, seasonal vegetables available, often picked that day.  For example, our tomatoes are grown in Tarleton and Hesketh Bank, and our potatoes, leeks, beetroot, cauliflower and cabbages in Holmes, less than two miles up the road.  These same farms supply such companies as the Savoy Group and P&O.

Shrimps for James Peet of Banks

Southport Potted Shrimps was founded in 1980 by James Peet, a shrimp fisherman for nearly 25 years. James catches local brown shrimps. His family have been involved in shrimping locally for over 4 generations. The traditional horse and cart has now been replaced to catch the prawns. They are now caught using a shrimping rig adapted from 4 wheel drive ex Army vehicles. Once fitted with a diesel engine, new bodywork and raised transmission, the craft can then wade in the water up to depths of about 4 feet.

Tea and coffee from Thompson’s of Glasgow and Atkinson’s of Lancaster

Thompson’s coffee roasters have been flame-roasting their coffee by hand since 1841 and produce our house blend of coffee.  Every bean is roasted by hand on direct flame roasters, some dating back to the 1930’s and this particular roasting style, along with careful attention to detail, gives our coffee its unique flavour profiles.

J Atkinson’s of China Street in Lancaster was established in 1837, but is now owned by Sue and Ian Steele. Ian also roasts the coffee beans by hand to provides our decaffeinated coffee and some of our cafétière blends.   Atkinson’s also provide our house blend of tea.  We recommend it as a fantastic place to visit.

Ice Cream from English Lakes Ice Cream, Kendal

Peter and Frances Fryer produce our creamy, luxury ice cream, made from organic whole milk or Jersey cream.  With their twenty-odd years of experience, commitment to quality and careful sourcing of premium ingredients, the Fryers have built a well-deserved reputation for excellence in their products.

Pâté from The Patchwork Traditional Food Company of Denbighshire

Margaret Carter started the company in 1982 from her own kitchen. It now operates from Ruthin with a team of 30 staff under the management of Margaret’s sons Marcus and Rufus but the products remain hand made in small batches. Regular winners of awards the pâté has even made its way to Pennsylvania for distribution across the USA.