Current Menu in the Garden Cafe


(Served until 11.30am)

Dunscar Breakfast                                                                                                     £6.25

Includes 2 rashers of local bacon, 2 pork sausages, 1 fried free range-egg, hash brown, mushrooms and toast.

Local bacon or pork sausage sandwich                                                                   £4.00

Local bacon or pork sausage sandwich and a fried free range egg                                  £4.50                                                                              

Two poached, scrambled or fried free range eggs on toast                                  £3.15

Selection of cereals, porridge or granola                                                                £1.50

Breakfast muffin or croissant                                                                                   £1.50                                                                                            


           All served on locally baked bread with a local mixed leaf salad, home-made coleslaw

                                              and Fiddler’s Lancashire crisps.


Sandwich/Wrap of the Day – Please see our Specials Board


Free range egg mayonnaise and cress                                                                     £5.45

Tuna & mayonnaise                                                                                                  £5.95

Lancashire cheese and caramelised red onion chutney                                        £5.55

Local roast ham with tomato chutney on the side                                                £6.25                                                 

Prawns with a tomato mayonnaise                                                                         £6.50

Soup and a sandwich                                                                                                            £6.50

A bowl of our soup of the day with a choice of sandwich fillings:-  free-range egg mayonnaise and cress, tuna mayonnaise, local roast ham  or Lancashire cheese and caramelised red onion chutney. Add £1.00 for prawns in a tomato mayonnaise      

Side order of local hand cut chips                                                                           £1.95                                                                                                                  


Toasted Sandwiches

All our toasted sandwiches are served with hand cut chips, mixed leaf salad and creamy home-made coleslaw



Lancashire cheese and red onion or tomato                                                                      £6.95


Tuna mayonnaise and Lancashire cheese                                                               £7.25


Brie and cranberry                                                                                                    £6.95


Lancashire cheese and roast ham with tomato chutney                                      £7.25


Chicken and bacon hot sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise          £7.50


Lancashire Rarebit – toasted on thick sliced white local bread, Lancashire cheese and béchamel sauce topped with either local bacon or mushrooms with caramelised onion chutney on the side                                                                                                   £7.50


Side order of local hand cut chips                                                                           £1.95



Jacket Potatoes

Piping hot oven-baked, local jacket potato served with a local mixed leaf salad

and creamy home-made coleslaw.


Plain local jacket potato with butter                                                                      £4.50

Tuna and mayonnaise                                                                                               £6.45

Lancashire cheese and red onion                                                                            £5.95

Local roast ham                                                                                                                     £5.95

Local roast ham and Lancashire cheese                                                                  £6.65

Homemade beef chilli con carne                                                                                         £6.75

Prawns with tomato mayonnaise                                                                            £6.75


Children’s Menu

All our Children’s meals are served with a choice of chips or jacket potato and peas or beans.


Fish Fingers                                                                                                             £3.95


Chicken Nuggets                                                                                                   £3.95


Beef Burger                                                                                                                        £4.05


Cheese Burger                                                                                                       £4.25


Pizza – cheese and tomato or ham and cheese                                          £4.50


Meatballs and pasta                                                                                            £4.50


Freshly prepared sandwich, with Fiddler’s Lancashire crisps               £2.99

            Choose from local ham, free-range egg mayonnaise,

            Lancashire cheese or tuna mayonnaise


Meal Deal

Any main course plus a fruit shoot and a scoop of ice cream to follow              £5.99