Suppliers & Brands

Anolon Raymond Blanc pans and cast ironware 

Anolon have teamed up with the award winning gourmet chef, Raymond Blanc, to create a high quality and stylish range of cookware. The RB Anolon professional pans are made from hard-anodised aluminium with DuPont’s advanced Autograph Gourmet non-stick interior coating. This combination of materials makes for a hardwearing pan with excellent heat distribution and a superior non-stick coating. The RB Anolon Cast Iron range takes advantage of cast iron’s superior heat retention and distribution qualities making it ideal for searing and slow cooking.

Cole & Mason mills and grinders

Cole and Mason was founded in London in 1919 as a family business. Since then, Cole and Mason has grown to become the multi-million pound company it is today, and we believe them to be one of the World’s top 3 manufacturers of mills.

Cole and Mason have worked hard over their history to produce a mechanism that can stand up to the challenge of directly grinding against salt, a naturally eroding product. The mechanisms in salt mills differ considerably to those in pepper mills and therefore the two should not be interchanged. Salt grinders are white (nylon or ceramic) because the salt would corrode metal whereas pepper grinders are steel. Cole and Mason salt mills are designed for sea salt crystals; other salts may damage the grinding mechanism. In addition, Cole and Mason’s reputation has been enhanced through the unique mechanisms they use in their precision range of adjustable grinders. The coarseness of the grind can be adjusted with just a simple click making for much quicker and easier changes to the output of the mills.

A ceramic Cole and Mason mill can also be used to grind dried herbs. The swing tag on your mill will tell you if it is ceramic.

Circulon frypans and Bakeware

The Circulon brand of cookware was first introduced in 1985 with an, at the time, unique combination of hard anodised aluminium and a non-stick coating. In addition they introduced a new non-stick technology, the Hi-Low wave system of contours that earned them a U.S. patent. Ever since, Circulon has been recognised as an outstanding and innovative cookware brand. They were also the first company to introduce both a dishwasher safe and induction capable range of hard-anodised cookware. The non-stick qualities of their bakeware is such that whilst we recommend greasing the pans, we can attest to the fact that it often not necessary – they are that good!

Cuisinart Electrical appliances

The Cuisinart brand was founded in 1973 with the release of the first Cuisinart food processor onto the American market. Cuisinart has gone on to become the leading brand in a number of electrical categories due to its unique range of state of the art, innovative appliances. Of particular note is the Cuisinart Soup Maker that allows soup to be sautéed, boiled, heated and simmered in just 20mins all in the one appliance.

Culpitt baking and cake decorating products

Originally a British family company established in 1921, Culpitt was bought by an American group in 1998 and is thus now part of one of the World’s leading suppliers of cake decorating and sugarcraft companies.  The range stocked includes coloured icing, food colourings and a whole host of cake toppings.

De Buyer iron pans

Specialising in kitchen and pastry utensils, the de Buyer company was founded in 1830 and seeks to provide a way of maintaining all that French cuisine is famous for, namely delicious flavours, tradition and charm. Their Mineral range of frypans is made from 99% Iron and free from artificial non-stick coatings such as PFOA and PTFE. De Buyer have an established reputation for high quality and professional grade cookware.

Delonghi Electrical appliances

The De’Longhi brand epitomises Italian style, design and quality. They are constantly searching out new materials and state of the art technology, combining them with their unique style of design to produce innovative products that perfectly fulfil their specific roles.

Ekelund high quality Swedish linens

The Ekelund family in Sweden have been producing fine linen products for over 300 years and supplying the Swedish royal family for well over a hundred years. One of the features that makes Ekelund linens so high quality and versatile, is the fact that each pattern is woven into the fabric rather than being printed onto the surface. This means the linen is 100% absorbent and the pattern will not be worn off. Ekelund produce a range of linen shapes and sizes suitable for use as towels, tray covers, tablecloths and place mats. As we import the products from Sweden we suspect that we are one of very few stockists in the region. Most of the linens come with a smart gift box.

Emile Henry casseroles and tagines

Emile Henry has a long history as a producer of quality cookware. Founded in 1850 by Jacques Henry, the company has progressed and grown over several generations of the Henry family. After years of research, the Flame range of tagines and stockpots was released in 2005. The Flame range of ceramics is the first of its kind, being suitable for use directly on gas or electric hobs as well as in the oven. Emile Henry is still run from where it was founded in Burgundy and is proud to use Burgundy clay in the production of its cookware. Its unique properties make it superior for retaining and distributing cooking heat. Emile Henry use a unique production process called Céradon®, which means that all of their cookware has a highly resistant glaze that does not scratch, is highly resistant to chipping and also to heat and cold. As a result Emile Henry cookware is extremely forgiving and can be taken straight from the freezer and placed into an oven at 250°C or into the microwave.

Fairmont & Main

Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Fairmont and Main design, import and distribute a wide range of kitchenware manufactured in the Far East.  We stock a selection of the Country Dining collection.  The pottery is hand painted and very high quality with lustrous colours.  It is perfect for the kitchen dresser.

Grunwerg kitchen accessories

Grunwerg is an award-winning supplier of houseware products based in Sheffield. For the past 60 years they have been dedicated to new product development and innovation, specialising in premium quality stainless steel products such as cutlery, serveware, teaware and utensils.

Horwood Homewares

Horwood Homewares is the parent company of the Judge and Stellar brands. Having been established in 1896 they have over 115 years experience in producing versatile and high quality kitchenware and it is still a family run company. Their Judge range of cookware, gadgets and utensils represent an excellent blend of style, function and economy to produce high-quality yet affordable cookware. The Stellar range of cookware represents their premium offering with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Jersey Pottery

We are rather pleased to have found a range of products that you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the North West.  As its name suggests, the home of Jersey Pottery is on Jersey.  Since its purchase in 1954 it is now also in its 3rd generation of continuous family ownership.  We stock both the Fruits de Mer and Gourmet Cheeses ranges of durable porcelain, using the superb and colourful illustrations by David Bramble.

Joseph Joseph stylish kitchen and cookware accessories

Joseph Joseph is a pioneer of fresh, inspiring British design. Formed by two twin brothers, Richard and Antony Joseph, in 2003, the company has quickly achieved a reputation for original kitchenware designs that are ideal for the forward-thinking cook and the modern kitchen.

Their award winning kitchenware provides simplistic solutions to the challenges faced by the modern cook. For example, their Elevate™ range of utensils with raised heads stops mucky utensils from coming into contact with kitchen surfaces and is therefore a hygienic and simple solution to an age-old cooking problem. There are innovative ideas such as this across Joseph Joseph’s products and they are all presented in modern, bright colours. The Index chopping boards are particularly popular and regularly sell out before Christmas.  We are confident that we have one of the best selections of the products int eh North West.

Kenwood electrical appliances

Kenwood is probably one of the most recognised names in kitchen appliances. Since the 50’s Kenwood have been designing and producing iconic kitchen appliances. Having started with the Kenwood Chef, Kenwood now produce a range of kitchen appliances from mixers and blenders through to coffee makers and toasters.

Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft is a respected family owned wholesaler established in 1850 supplying ironmongery. As its customers diversified into cookware, so did the Company’s product range. Today it only supplies cookware and many of its products can be found in Lakeland (at much higher prices).

Le Creuset textiles, stoneware, cast iron and TNS pans

The name Le Creuset is synonymous with high quality, aspirational cookware and recognised the world over as a market-leading manufacturer of premium quality cookware. Le Creuset built its reputation upon the cast iron pots that the company first began producing in 1925 at its foundry in Fresnoy le Grand, France. Le Creuset cast iron is unbeatable for its heat retaining and even heat distribution qualities. It is for these reasons that Le Creuset kitchenware is used the world over by leading chefs who know that their cookware delivers outstanding performance time and time again.

With its rich heritage at the forefront of French cookware design, Le Creuset is a name to be trusted. By maintaining innovation as a core feature the range has progressed from its beginnings over 85 years ago to now include cast iron, stoneware, ceramics, 3-ply stainless steel, textiles and more. The entire Le Creuset range adds a sophisticated look to the modern kitchen and is available in a variety of stylish colours, including the original ‘volcanic’ colour, ‘cerise’, ‘almond’ and the new plum coloured ‘cassis’ range. The cast iron is the lightest on the market. Le Creuset stoneware carries a 5 year guarantee, the toughened non-stick range is guaranteed for 10 years and the cast iron for life.

Maxwell & Williams china and serveware

Maxwell & Williams is a relatively new Australian brand of homewares. Established in 1995, from the outset the vision was to become an internationally recognised leader in affordable, quality homewares. Through its use of high quality materials such as the finest bone china and its stylish and modern designs, Maxwell & Williams have quickly become the leaders in serveware and tableware. Our Cashmere range of high quality but very affordable bone china is particularly popular.

Orla Kiely House range of kitchenware and textiles

Orla is an Irish designer and Masters graduate of the Royal College of Art in London.  Her work is famous across the World and according to Kiely, her range of retro kitchenware was influenced by classic Scandinavian and mid Century designs.  In addition to the House range of kitchenware and textiles, we also offer a very wide selection of her designs on bone china mugs.

PME Knightsbridge cake decorating products and bakeware

PME Knightsbridge is a specialist UK sugarcraft company. In addition to their own world-renowned range of sugarcraft tools and accessories, they are also the sole U.K. distributor of the Wilton Bakeware and cake decorating range of products.

Prestige cookware and kitchen accessories

Since 1956 the Prestige name has been seen as one of the leading brands across the globe. Whilst manufacturing has switched from factories in Derby, Blackburn and Burnley to China and Thailand, an unwavering commitment to quality and reliability has ensured that the brand has maintained a loyal customer base.

Pyrex cookware and bakeware

Pyrex is a world famous brand of cookware and best known for its range of heat resistant glass for food preparation, cooking and storage.  However, the Company has now diversified into the production of a much broader range of kitchenware, including a colourful range of high quality stoneware and a vitro-ceramic range of hob-proof casserole dishes.  All our range of Pyrex products are suitable for use in the oven, freezer and microwave.

Sophie Allport kitchen textiles and fine bone china

Started in 1996 as a small business specialising in card designs, Sophie Allport’s humble beginnings as an artist have since blossomed into what is now a successful yet still family-run business based in Stamford, Lincolnshire. With the philosophy ‘Lovely things for a lovely home’ firmly in mind, Sophie’s brother administeres the business whilst Sophie continues to apply her unique illustrations to a wide number of household items,

Sophie Allport’s signature designs can be seen on a vast array of fabric products featured below, all of which are machine washable.

Stellar pans, cutlery and kitchen accessories 

A subsidary brand of Horwood Homewares, Stellar cookware is among the finest available on the market and is revered by amateurs and professionals alike. A recent collaboration with television favourite, James Martin, has led to the eponymous ‘James Martin Knife Collection’, featuring 9 individual knives including the Santoku knife range.

Tala jam, preserve and kitchen accessories

The Tala brand was founded in 1899 and derives its name from the original company name of Taylor Law & Co. It quickly developed a loyal following producing a range of cake decorating, bakeware and other kitchenware equipment packaged in its distinctive blue and white gingham packaging. Over 110 years later Tala is still manufacturing products in England and is widely recognised as a well loved kitchenware brand.

Terraillon scales

The Terraillon brand of scales is synonymous with precision, accuracy and reliability. They offer both a range of well styled and precise digital scales and a choice of high quality and accurate cream “retro” or old fashioned, brass analogue scales.

Wilton cake decorating products

Wilton is a US company and the world’s leading cake decorating supplier. They produce an annual yearbook full of cake decorating ideas and have a catalogue of over 5,000 cake decorating products such as icing tips, cake moulds and cupcake cases.

Zeal brightly coloured silicone kitchenware

Zeal is a modern brand that has revolutionised traditional kitchen utensils by its use of bright and boldly coloured silicone. Zeal products are elegant, functional and technically innovative, bringing a fresh and modern twist to traditional cookware.

Zyliss kitchen gadgets

Zyliss is an internationally respected Swiss brand specialising in high-end kitchen gadgets. Having been founded in 1948, Zyliss has been producing cutting edge high quality kitchenware for over 60years. We particularly like the garlic press – there is no need to peel it before pressing.