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The Secret Garden

I have to confess.  I might own a share of a garden centre but I am not a gardener.  Before meeting my wife Hilary I had never set foot in a garden centre.  I am now fortunate that Hilary is such a good gardener.  However, I have grown a few vegetables and enjoy cooking.  There […]

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The Sting in the Tale of Beekeeping!

There is a saying among beekeepers that you are not a proper beekeeper until you have been stung.  On that basis I have just passed my apprenticeship.  Last night I showed Hilary my hive and stupidly removed the top of it to show her the bees within.  Neither of us was wearing protective clothing as […]

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The Return of Barn Owl Bill and Dunscar the Snowy Owl

We’ve just booked Dunscar, our sponsored snowy owl to return to meet our customers on the Glorious Twelfth.   He will feature prominently with his friends from the Barn Owl Bill Trust on Sunday 12th August.  Volunteers from the Trust will give a presentation on owls and the work of the Trust to rescue them between […]

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