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Green Shoots

Weeks 3 to 5 – Sunday 14 April to Saturday 4 May 2013 I confess that I have not done as much in the garden this past few weeks on account of the wet weather, illness, other commitments and some problems with the soil.  I have discovered that the soil is extremely lumpy with clay. […]

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Spring sowing

Planting Week 2 – Sunday 7 April to Saturday 13 April 2013   At last I am ready to start planting.  The weather has warmed up considerably over the past few days although the wind is still a bit chilly.  On account of the overnight frosts I had to delay my planting programme by one day but […]

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May they rest in peace

They say that the real examination for a new beekeeper is to keep your colony of bees alive over your first winter. On this criteria I regret to report that I have failed. As yesterday was the first day of the year for the temperature to hit double figures I thought it timely to conduct […]

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