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Could my bees be dope addicts?

I have been a bit worried about my bees.  Who spread the myth that beekeeping was a relaxing hobby?  I lie in bed worried about mine.  The Summer is drawing to a close and my bees are in a race against time to forage for and lay down sufficient stores to see them through the […]

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The Pollen Convoy

Sometimes I could watch bees all day.  I took this photograph at about 11 am one daythis week and there were hundreds of bees queuing to enter the hive to offload their cargo.  It was busier than Battersea Heliport.  I was reminded of a cartoon of burglars wearing black striped jumpers joyfully carrying off their […]

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Why are my bees so stingy?

I am not suggesting my new bees are mean but they do seem ungrateful.  Last week I conducted my first hive inspection of the new colony and three bees immediately stung me – through my glove and on the same finger joint too. Fortunately the glove spared me most of the pain but bee stings […]

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