Just for Kids

“Even my son enjoys visiting Dunscar Garden Centre with me. There is something for everyone and all occasions. The friendly staff make it a pleasurable day out.”

At Dunscar we are keen to get the younger generation excited by nature and gardening. It gets them out into the fresh air, gives free rein to their natural curiosity and fosters a caring attitude. However, it has to be fun. We are thus proud to have found a wide range of products that we feel sure will appeal to kids, ranging from funky gardening tools from Insect Lore, to mini science laboratories to study bugs and pond life and Nick Baker Explorer kits on animal tracking.

However, children need to see quick and defined results if they are to maintain their interest in gardening. We thus recommend vegetable gardening as a fruitful introduction to the joys of nurturing plants. What can be better than eating the results? Even without a vegetable patch children can have fun growing their own vegetables. We even have a wide range of vegetable and flower seeds especially designed for kids. Examples include, Katy Carrot, Tiger Tom, Russell Radish and Slitherin Sam. All are easy to grow and we can provide compost, seed trays, pots and stacks of free advice.

Facilities for children

  • Secure play area (off the garden patio and open Spring/Summer only)
  • High chairs and baby changing area in the Garden Café
  • Children’s menu
  • Colouring books and toys in the Garden Café
  • Kids’ baking section in the Cook Shop
  • Kids’ gardening, wildlife and toy section in the main shop



Gardening Puzzle
Follow the letters in straight lines up, down and along (not diagonally) and try to find words describing things you might find in the garden. Some of the words are back to front and some are difficult so it is OK to ask for help. There are 28 in all. Answers below.

Answers to Children’s Gardening Word Search (28 words):
xoɟ ‘ǝsnoɥuǝǝɹƃ ‘ƃıɟ ‘ǝoɥ ‘sʇɐq ‘ƃnq ‘ןʍo ‘ƃoɹɟ ‘ǝxɐ ‘ƃop ‘pǝǝʍ ‘ʞǝǝן ‘ɥɔuǝq ‘ʍoɹɹɐq ‘pos ‘ʞɹoɟ ‘ǝʞɐɹ ‘sɥʇɐd ‘ɹɐǝd ‘ɐʇsoɥ ‘dɐʇ ‘ssɐɹƃ ‘ʇɐɔ ‘ɥɔɹɐן ‘ʇuɐ ‘ǝןddɐ ‘ʇʍǝu ‘ɹǝpןɐ ‘sǝoןs ‘ǝpɐds ‘ǝǝɹʇ ‘puod ‘pɐoʇ ‘oʇɐɯoʇ ‘ʇuɐןd