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2017 Seed Potatoes Now In Stock

Our new selection of seed potatoes for 2017 is now in store, including the extremely popular Ulster Prince variety.  It is important to buy properly certified, virus-free seed potatoes.  Our supplier is one of the top growers of seed potatoes in the UK. Are you confused about the difference between a “first early” and a […]

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“The what clock?” we hear you say.  An analemmatic clock is a form of giant sundial in which a person stands as the gnomon to cast the shadow by which the time is revealed.  As the time of year affects the accuracy of the clock the viewer has to stand in different positions according to […]

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Do you know your bluebells?

The most common bluebell in this country is the Spanish variety.  Unlike the English Bluebell, they are usually found on open ground.  They also have a different appearance, with the flowers on both sides of the stem.  This means the stem does not bend as much and thus Spanish Bluebells stand up straight. English Bluebells […]

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