The bees are here.

Have you heard the buzz?  We now have our own hive of bees.  With the kind assistance of Laura, one of my instructors from Preston Beekeepers, our first colony of bees arrived this morning.  They are now settling into their new home.  Unfortunately, after all the splendid weather we have had for the past few weeks, it is now cold and grey so the bees are huddled inside the hive rather than out foraging.  I did not manage to see the Queen in the process of installing her and her colony into their new home, but have decided to call her Laura.  Over the next 3 weeks I hope to see her and evidence that she is laying eggs again and I also expect to see several new bees born at Dunscar.  Thanks to everyone at Preston Beekeepers who has helped me get this far in my new beekeeping career.