Getting buzzy for the bees

It has been a “buzzy” week.  On Tuesday I started building my hive and last night I completed my ten week “Introduction to Beekeeping” course.  I have found it quite time consuming to build the hive but also therapeutic.  I have 40 wax frames to build and it is quite satisfying and restful to disengage the brain and do something practical and useful with the hands.  However, I cannot dither much longer as I think I may be getting my first colony of bees next week.  I thus need to finish the hive and site it within the next few days.  Unfortunately, my choice of a “Langstroth” hive may not have been a wise one.  The frames are longer than the “National” hive frames and my colony of bees will be delivered on the shorter frames.  I had not realised that there was such an incompatibility and it may cause me further problems down the line.  That’s the price one pays for being different.