Christmas Cheer

We have been pleasantly surprised with a record 3rd quarter turnover (August to October).  Most encouragingly we have averaged 11% growth on last year’s previous record turnover for the months of October and November.  This has come at a time when there is “wall to wall” news coverage of the Euro crisis and dire predictions that the European economy is in danger of imminent collapse.  So how can this be?

We wonder whether customers have  become overdosed on bad economic news stories and just decided to get on with life.  After all, if you are in work or already retired then the worst is probably behind you.  True, there are still worrying inflationary pressures on household budgets but with the advent of Christmas perhaps customers now feel the need to cheer themselves up.  

We have noted a 95% increase in sales of Country Clothing and a 125% increase in sales of Christmas products on the same period last year.  Many of the clothing sales are of bright, colourful items so perhaps people are looking to brighten their moods.  Whilst we are still selling plenty of dazzling Christmas decorations, it is those made of natural materials such as twigs, berries and cinnamon sticks that are really flying out, perhaps suggesting a yearning for the simpler life.

I would be interested in some feedback but suggest that maybe it is not all doom and gloom for retailing this Christmas.  The statistics in January may prove me wrong, but if not, you heard it here first.