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“The what clock?” we hear you say.  An analemmatic clock is a form of giant sundial in which a person stands as the gnomon to cast the shadow by which the time is revealed.  As the time of year affects the accuracy of the clock the viewer has to stand in different positions according to the month.  We have set up ours for British Summer Time.

The idea for the clock came from Hilary as this year is the 65th anniversary of our formation and a present of a clock for the use of our customers seemed a good way to mark it (but we hasten to add that we are not retiring this year). However, setting up the clock requires some complicated mathematical calculations so we turned to our resident mathematical genius, Simon Bond, for help.  Simon is one of our weekend assistants and is on the point of graduating as a Maths teacher from Edgehill University.

The clock at Dunscar features paving stones for each month, indicating where to stand for the time of year.  The plants around the sundial represent the different seasons, from winter colours at the left, moving right through to spring, then summer, then autumn. Depending on the date of the month the clock is accurate to within 15 to 30 minutes.  Let’s hope we get plenty of sunshine to test it out for much of the year!  Please do come and see it.