Blooming good prospects for new staff

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You could be forgiven for believing that the retail sector is in dire straits when you consider the amount of news coverage devoted to the supposed “doom and gloom” on the High Street.  Our experience is rather different.  In the 10 weeks leading up to Christmas we were fortunate to achieve successive weeks of record sales for the time of year and averaged a 20% increase on 2010’s record sales over the same period.  All departments fared well but the undoubted star department was the newly expanded  Country Clothing Department with an astonishing 150% increase in sales over the same period.

We thus need to expand our fantastic, hard working staff and create some new positions.  We are seeking up to 8 new members of staff, mainly working in retail sales.  Full details of the positions on offer are contained in our recruitment pages.  However, we are flexible as to whether the positions are part time (say 2 or 3 days a week) or full time (ie 4 or 5 days a week).  Where we are not flexible is that we will be demanding passion, energy and enthusiasm.  We are now much more than a traditional garden centre with some very exciting new areas.  Accordingly, whilst we still value  keen gardeners on the staff, we are also looking for staff with sufficient knowledge to help us develop other areas of the garden centre such as the Cook Shop or country clothing, giftware, floristry or wildlife departments.  Are you or do you know somebody up for the challenge?